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Mountains in Clouds
Pebble Beach

Our mission is to inspire wellness & create movement in your everyday life, meetings and events at any global destination.


OM is a global boutique wellness firm specializing in mindfulness and wellness activities all around the world! We curate special events, activities and joyshops for your everyday meetings and corporate events.  We are super passionate about fitness, spirituality, mindfulness, adventure and activating all your senses in everything that we offer.  We understand the importance of staying healthy and balanced  while on the road thru traveling, attending conferences and keeping up with everyday life. Our goal is to change the perception of work life balance to life work balance all while having fun while we’re at it. It’s time we raise awareness in our everyday lives and it starts from within. If we have a healthy mindset and body and soul, as it’s all one, then we can maintain a positive outward look on everything we do.



We are passionate about bringing wellness to any event or global destination.  Together we make OM. 

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