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From the Couch to the Meeting Room

When the shelter in place dies down, people will start to get back to work and start to get back to events. Events always bounce back, but now in the new normal, events will start to take a new shape. How amazing would it be to walk into your next meeting and you get to choose how and where you want to sit instead of it being dictated to you?

At OM, we believe in alternative seating and creating movement at events. Gone are the traditional chairs in meeting rooms. Are you going to divide a room with chairs six feet apart from one another? A better option might be to imagine a room full of a mix of couches, loungers, medicine balls, standing desks, cubed furniture, and so on all placed a safe distance apart depending on the rules and regulations per your city & county. A mix of seating not only provides a safe space but comfortability and easily accessible for all types of likes. A lot of classrooms have been providing alternative seating for children as this inspires learning and attention. It’s been proven that a collaborative seating vs. a lecture style improves performance. I know first hand as I’m currently writing this sitting on a lounge chair on the lanai. I also love to work from different coffee shops, co-work spaces and beach chairs around the world. I am the most creative when I work in odd, interesting places vs. a traditional desk. There’s a time and purpose for that too.

Inspiration on Alternative Seating at Future Events

Now that folks are working from home, they too are working from alternative spaces in their own house. People are moving from the couch, to the kitchen to the dining room table and even outside in their backyards. I like to work standing up in the kitchen standing in tree pose sometimes. Working from alternative spaces even in the same day creates a renewed sense of energy and eliminates boredom and allows the mind to flow.

Hashtag Us!

What does your home office look like? Share with us a picture of you working remote.

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