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Purify & Pray

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I was chatting on the phone with a special friend this weekend and he mentioned the words purify and pray. I loved it. Reminds me of the eat, pray, love journey of oneself.

Is life really as simple as that? I have personally been spending my time purifying and praying. Praying can mean a number of things - meditating, keeping a gratitude journal or even saying mantras or prayers. Praying can be sending good positive thoughts or messages to people that you think about in life. Prayer is a communication process with oneself, with a higher being, with spirit, with the holy Mother, with source energy and the universe.

To Purify is to Make Something Clean!

We can cleanse ourselves, our minds, our bodies, our spirits and so on. I’ve been spending my time exercising, cooking and eating clean, meditating and writing. Even though I have days that I do not feel like writing and I procrastinate, writing helps heal. Writing out your daily intention or goals or the simple things you’re grateful for can go a long way with your mental health.

As someone who is always on the go, always traveling, always doing something, I have found solace in purifying and praying these last two months. Some days are harder than others and some are full of spirit and easy, but I am forever grateful for this time this year.

Getting out in nature is also very healing and a beautiful way to purify and pray.

I did an astrology reading at the end of June 2019 and in my reading, the astrologer said I would be sitting still and finding a home in early 2020. I didn’t believe her. It stuck in my mind all these months since then and even at the beginning of this year I had trips planned through the summer and I was thinking she couldn’t be right and bam she was. I moved indefinitely to Hawaii and I am sitting still. I am purifying and praying daily.

Hashtag Us!

Benefit to purifying and praying helps with goal & intention setting to allow for a refocus on your journey. When you purify and pray, you learn everything about yourself. All we have to do is go inward. Share with us the last time you purified & prayed?

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