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The Importance of Breathing

Breathing is the process of respiration and it’s also a sign in Greek for the both presence and absence of a breath at the beginning of a word.

Ever take a yoga class or any workout class and the instructor reminds you to breathe just at the right time you’re holding your breath and you’re like how do they know? We are constantly breathing but sometimes we forget to take a breath. When I was traveling with Remote Year, my program leader on this journey taught us how to do the Wim Hof Method which includes cold therapy, breathing and meditation. We would do these bi-weekly workouts called Trinity and then afterwards for those that wanted to stay, we would literally lie down in the park, on the grass, on the dirt or cement or wherever we were and do a 15-minute breathing exercise where one takes large gulps of breath and then you hold and repeat this multiple times. You realize you can hold your breath for a very long time without having to breath. It’s quite amazing how one can train their mind and body to hold the breath.

Remember to Breathe!

If you have an Apple Watch - it reminds you to breathe too. Focusing on our breath helps increase energy, sleep, can help reduce stress, improve creativity and benefit our immune system. It’s amazing that something we do so naturally, we forget. Apple Watch, Remote Year and Insight Timer.

Hashtag Us!

So just like all the apps tell you to do so - remember to breathe. Let us know what you use to remind yourself to breathe?

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