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The OM Story

Well as many brilliant ideas begin—they start over sharing a meal with friends and family. It was about a year ago, in San Francisco while at brunch with the Founder of the company, Event Marketing Authority.

We were discussing the archaic trends of the events industry and how we could disrupt it. We thought if we could generate more activity and movement in meetings & events, it would help stimulate the retention of the brain and in turn people would be more focused and present in the meeting. We also came up with numerous other ways to bond & network with attendees. For example, working out and sweating together is just as important as the happy hours. I’m not suggesting we cut out the mai tais but we can have them a bit later in the day or even in the morning!

Olympian Meetings

We originally called it FIT Meetings but we didn’t feel that the name embodied everything we wanted to educate, produce and execute at our events as the idea goes beyond just fitness. After brainstorming some additional names, we came up with Olympian Meetings and it wasn’t until weeks later that we realized it stood for OM. How fitting is that!

We started educating our friends and partners in the industry and all seemed to take interest. Over the last year, we have implemented some of our OM elements in events, but now with events being postponed & cancelled we felt it was time to write. To write about how events need to grow and how to interact with one another. How to have creative digital events and how to build strategies to incorporate both digital and in person localized events moving forward. Everything has changed and is changing and you know what? I’m excited about it. It’s time this industry gets a fresh start, a new beginning, a new outlook. Yes, we will have to have more PPE (personal protective equipment) on site and crisis management plans in place, but just think of all the new creative ways we can host events in a more mindful, purposeful fashion.

Let’s enjoy this time to create and come back renewed, refreshed and ready.

Hashtag Us!

Forget lanyards—branded yoga mats are the wave of the future. We want to see and hear what you are you doing to help your attendees overall wellness.

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