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October 31, 2023

Yoga is not an inclusive wellness offering.

Lago Vista, TX – Olympian Meeting's announces services that encompass customized wellness programs, mindfulness workshops, and expert guidance on healthy catering, fitness breaks, and sustainable event practices.

After two decades of award winning successful corporate events and meeting planning (streamline events, salesforce, 24 Hour Fitness, and Alation) and being the 5X Fittest male Event Prof, David T Stevens is excited to announce a significant career transition. He is embarking on a new and inspiring path as a full time event wellness consultant, dedicated to helping individuals and organizations infuse wellness into their meetings, events, and conferences.

"I am thrilled to embark on this new journey full time," David expressed. "After spending the last year interviewing industry powerhouses for my YouTube show Return on Wellness, it became very obvious to me that “wellness” means different things to different people and it is no longer optional at events; it's a way of life that people are expecting when they attend an event.You are seeing more and more people just adding yoga at 6:00 AM to their meetings, but they are missing the bigger picture. This lack of understanding undermines the benefit of sleep when they have parties that START at 10:00pm AND it excludes people who are either intimidated or just don’t like yoga. I am eager to help our clients create transformative approachable event experiences that promote health, vitality, and balance, ultimately enhancing engagement that is beyond transactional."

For the past 20 years, David T Stevens has been a driving force in the corporate event marketing industry, delivering top-notch experiences and ensuring the success of countless events with event scores skyrocketing when Wellness Elements are incorporated. He is the host of Return on Wellness, has a Delos Wellness for Meetings and Event Certificate, is Pandemic Meeting Event Design certified, a BizBash 500 recipient, Connect 40 Under 40, and Smart Meetings Planner of the year.This wealth of experience and next level network has uniquely positioned him to understand the essential role and business case that wellness plays in driving return on investment at events.

“While David has served as a Corporate Advisor at Olympian Meeting in the past, this move to full time will bring a fresh perspective, innovative approach, and a deep understanding of both event management and attendee wellbeing.”, says Tanya Andrade, Olympian Meeting Partner. “We provide guidance, strategies and science backed decision making on how to incorporate inclusive engaging wellness practices, mindfulness, and health-conscious choices into every aspect of events – from planning to execution using the best practitioners in the industry.” stated Ariadni Pereira, COO of Olympian Meeting.

For more information or to engage David or the Olympian Meeting team, please visit or contact

About Olympian Meetings

Inspired by the dedication of Olympians striving for peak performance, OM embraces the Olympic spirit, uniting the global community through culture, education, and peace via sports. OM is creating a wellness-seeking community, transforming meetings and events to align with our evolving world. We're reimagining every aspect by incorporating our 7 elements; mindfulness, movement, meals, gathering space, community engagement, technology and agenda design, in order to plan and implement experiences that reflect the changing times and enhance overall wellbeing.

For media inquiries, please contact:

David T Stevens

+1 408-639-8216

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