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Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

We are OM Wellness

We are inspired by the ancient and modern day olympians who continuously strive to be at their peak performance. 

During the Olympic Games, the international community unites to promote culture, education, unity and peace through the medium of sport. OM is committed to carrying out this truth to be healthy and mindful just like these athletes strive to be.


As it is time to adapt to our new normal, we are building a community of wellness seekers.  As the world is evolving on a daily basis, our meetings and events have to transition as well.

OM is creating a wellness-seeking community, transforming meetings and events to align with our evolving world. We're reimagining every aspect by incorporating our 7 elements; mindfulness, movement, meals, gathering space, community engagement, technology and agenda design, in order to plan and implement experiences that reflect the changing times and enhance overall wellbeing.


We are here to help you evolve yourself and your meetings and events into a state of wellness.  

CONTACT US now to start your journey back to wellness.

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