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Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior


We are inspired by the ancient and modern day olympians who continuously strive to be at their peak performance. During the Olympic Games, the international community unites to promote culture, education, unity and peace through the medium of sport. OM is committed to carrying out this truth to be healthy and mindful just like these athletes strive to be.


As it is time to adapt to our new normal, we are building a community of peak performers. Join us as we write about not only meetings and events, but about mindfulness, traveling, beaches, families, nature, remote working and anywhere your imagination takes you.   


As the world is evolving on a daily basis, our meetings and events have to transition with it. It’s time to rethink how we design, plan & implement our gatherings. At OM, we are committed to rethinking the elements of all meetings & events; meal planning, social distancing seating arrangements, fitness and sporting activities, digitally engaging technologies, content diverse agendas, and ultimately the inclusion of engagement and mindfulness in all elements.


Want to become a member and contribute to the OM Community? 


We hope you come OM with us! 

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